Graduate Program in ESE

The graduate program in Electrical and Systems Engineering oversees master's degrees in Electrical Engineering (EE), and Systems Engineering (SE), and the Ph.D. in Electrical and Systems Engineering (ESE).

Students in these programs find themselves immersed in an environment of unparalleled teaching excellence and state-of-the-art research facilities, such as the renowned General Robotics, Automation, Sensing and Perception (GRASP) Laboratory; The Ackoff Center for Advancement of Systems Approaches; The Distributed Systems Laboratory; The Wolf Nanofabrication Laboratory; and The Multimedia And Networking Laboratory.

Master's Programs

The MSE program is structured to develop in the student a strong theoretical base for either engineering practice or research. The MSE degree requires the successful completion of 10 course units. Electrical engineers complete at least six courses in electrical engineering or telecommunications and take up to four electives. Systems engineers take four core courses and are required to choose a focus for the remaining six courses. Students with special interests not treated by the formal curriculum may pursue faculty-supervised independent study for up to one course unit. Learn more about our master's degrees.

Doctoral Program

The Ph.D. program is focused on the development of research skills to prepare the student for a life of scholarship in his field of interest. The heart of the course of study is the thesis research which culminates in the doctoral dissertation, a work of substantial original research which contributes to the body of knowledge available in a field. Additional coursework to continue the process of strengthening the command of the chosen discipline and to add to the inventory of mathematical skills is also required. The PhD degree requires a minimum of 20 course units including thesis research. Up to 8 courses may be transferred from prior graduate work; this is subject to the approval of the Graduate Chair. Learn more about our doctoral program.