Roch Guerin

Roch  Guerin

Adjunct Professor
Electrical and Systems Engineering (ESE)

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Honors and Awards:  IEEE INFOCOM Acheivement Award - 2010, IEEE INFOCOM Best Paper Award - 2010, IEEE TCCC Outstanding Service Award - 2009, ACM Fellow - 2006, IEEE Fellow - 2001, IBM Outstanding Innovation Award - 1994,

Research Expertise: Computer Networks

Roch's research centers around networking and communication systems. He seeks to design, build, and evaluate new devices and protocols that will improve our access to ubiquitous communications. Roch is especially concerned with aspects of robustness and simplicity, with the goal of designing systems that can scale and remain operational across a broad range of conditions. His work combines algorithm design, performance evaluation, and experimental validations of both wired and wireless communication systems systems to explore how to build the next generation of communication infrastructure.

PhD Electrical Engineering 1986 - California Institute of Technology
MS Electrical Engineering 1984 - California Institute of Technology
Engineering Degree 1983 - ENST in France



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