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Career Connections

Welcome to the ESE Career Connections page!
You will find links to the many resources available at Penn. This is by no means an exhaustive list, so we encourage you to check out Penn's Career Services and talk to their advisors.

Photos curtesy of Isabella Gong at an INCOSE career panel event.

Below is a list of links to Penn-specific job search engines and opportunities.

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Job Postings can also be found on the ESE Job Board; we also invite you to connect with current ESE students and alums on the ESE LinkedIn page.


Career Services organizes multiple career fairs in various fields throughout the year. The Engineering Career Days are usually in mid Septemeber.

Check out these video links to help you prepare for Career Fairs

Create an Elevator Pitch to introduce yourself to recruiters. If you were trapped in an elevator with someone from your dream company, how would you introduce yourself in 15-seconds to make a good impression?

Penn also offers many other useful career tools, including information on job preparatio and access to mentorship.

Job Preparation Resources

Networking and Mentoring



Which companies might you work with in the future?


Summer internships is a great way to learn more about your own interests as well as the companies' cultures. Search for jobs online and learn more about the companies thorugh their websites. Contact them to find out about internship opportunities.

Here is a quick list of some of the major employers in the Electrical and Systems Engineering fields:
Electrical Engineering (EE)
Systems Science Engineering (SSE)

Many graduate students also choose to stay right here, at Penn. Check out Penn's available faculty positions as well as staff positions.