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Staci Kaplan
Undergraduate Program Coordinator
Office: Room 203 Moore


Undergraduate Degree Information

SSE Sample Curriculum: Entered Fall 2017 and Beyond

Freshman Year: Fall   Spring

Calculus I (MATH 104)
Mechanics and Wave Motion (PHYS 150)
Circuits, Signals, Networks and Systems (ESE 111)
SSH Elective


Calculus II (MATH 114)
Engineering Electromagnetics (ESE 112)
Programming in Java (CIS 110)
SSH Elective
Free Elective

Sophomore Year: Fall   Spring

Calculus III (MATH 240)
Intro to Biology (BIOL 101)
Decision Models (ESE 204)
Intro to Dynamic Systems (ESE 210)
Engineering Ethics (EAS 203)


Linear Algebra (MATH 312)
Engineering Probability (ESE 301)
Signal and Information Processing (ESE 224)
Programming Languages (CIS 120)

Junior Year: Fall   Spring

Engineering Applications and Statistics (ESE 302)
Systems Design 1
Stochastic Systems Analysis (ESE 303)
Technology Management Elective
SSH Elective


Systems Design 2
Info Systems Elective 1
Info Systems Elective 2
Technology Management Elective
SSH Elective

Senior Year: Fall   Spring

Senior Design Project I (ESE 450)
Info Systems Elective 3
Societal Problem Elective 1
SSH Elective
Free Elective


Senior Design Project II (ESE 451)
Societal Problem Elective 2
Societal Problem Elective 3
SSH Elective
Free Elective