The Detkin Lab is the principal teaching laboratory of the Department of Electrical and Systems Engineering. The renovations were made in summer 2010,  with support from Peter (EE ‘82, Law ‘85 )and Michelle Detkin, with over $1 million  spent on equipment and facilities upgrades. More .....

The Detkin lab serves the needs of several courses in ESE, Physics (PHY364) and Bioengineering (BE470) as well freshmen and summer courses like EAS101, M&TSI, PFP and G.E.M.S.




Detkin Lab News
Senior Design Demo Day April 2013 pictures, link
Pennhacks Fall 2013 pictures, link

ESE350, Embedded Systems Demo Day 2011-12, pictures...

Senior Design Demo Day pictures, April 2012, link
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Senior Design Demo Day Winners

"Detection of Pneumonia by Computer-Aided Auscultation"
Rachel S. Egan, Ningcheng (Peter) Li [BE] and Jin Ser; Advisor:Dr. Raymond Watrous.
Winner of the Harold Berger Award.



"R.A.V.E.N. - Remote Autonomous Vehicle Explorer Network"
William H. Etter and Paul D. Martin
Advisor: Prof. Rahul Mangharam
Winner of the Fred Ketterer Award


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