General Lab Information
Welcome to the Peter Detkin Laboratory in Electrical and Systems Engineering




The lab has 26 workstations, conveniently divided in 2 areas. Each side of the lab is equipped with A/V projection system for convenient teaching and experiment demonstrations. The workstation contains state of the art instrumentation.
Each station has the following pieces of equipment:


Triple output programmable DC power supply (HP E3631A) and Agilent U8002 single output 0-30V, 5A.

Digital Multimeter (including frequency counter) HP 34401A)

Function Generator/Arbitrary Waveform Generator (HP 33120A) and newly purchased 30 MHz Agilent 3352A.

300 MHz, 4 Analog channel + 16 Logic channel input MSO 7034B.

The instruments are interconnected to the PC through an HPIB (GPIB) /USB interface.


The PCs in the Lab have the standard CETS maintained PC software in addition to following ESE specific software :

LabVIEW (National Instruments): data acquisition and analysis

BenchLink (HP): PC based instrument control

Multisim: analog and digital simulator

Xilinx Foundation Series Software: FPGA based programming environment

Lego NXT and Arduino

The approach of this state-of-the-art laboratory is to bring computers, instruments and software closer together in such a way that it will allow students to function in a manner similar to that of professionals in industry and academia.

In addition to the instruments associate with each lab workstation, the ESE Undergraduate lab has a wide range of other instruments and tools available.

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