Scope Image Capture

-Using Excel Add-in
-Using USB Flash drive

-Using Excel Add-in toolbar for Agilent Scopes


-Waveform capture on Agilent 7034B scopes using USB flash drive( these scopes are only in Detkin Lab, m101)



-Waveform capture using Benchlink software on HP 54600B scopes ( these scopes are only in senior design lab, m211)
Using GPIB board of the PC, Benchlink scope software allows the PC to collect the data points that the scope displays on its screen. This picture file that is displayed on the PC can be copied, printed and used in any program. This software will run only on HP 54600 series scopes.

-Turn on the scope and connect a coax cable from the output of the function generator to the scope.
-On the PC, from the Programs menu, go to Benchlink suite and choose Benchlink Scope program.
-As the program opens up it will search for the oscilloscope and it will open with the screen as shown below:


-At this point if the software generates a search error please ask for assistance.
- Next, click on the Image, choose New....


-Click OK on the dialog box when you are ready to capture the scope image.


-The image is then displayed on the screen. Press F7 to update this image as often as you wish. You can Print or Copy this image or save it as a file.

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