Zhihao Jiang Receives Techcon 2014 Best In Session Award

Zhihao Jiang, doctoral student in Computer Information Science (CIS), is the recipient of the Techcon 2014 Best in Session Award for the presentation of his paper, Integrated Functional and Formal Modeling for Closed-loop Evaluation of Medical Device Software. Jiang is an advisee of Rahul Mangharam, associate professor in Electrical and Systems Engineering, and a member of Mangharam’s Real-Time & Embedded Systems Laboratory.

The paper examines the process by which Jiang and his collaborators use an implantable pacemaker as a case study to demonstrate how model-based design enables closed-loop verification, in which the safety and efficacy of the device are evaluated within its physical environment, at an early design stage and what level of abstraction the environment model should have. Between 1990-2000, over 600,000 implantable cardiac devices were recalled and of those recalls over 40% (200,000) were due to device software issues. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) currently does not inspect this life-critical decision making software during pre-market certification. Instead, in current medical device development, closed-loop verification of devices such as pacemakers is performed late in the design stage in the form of clinical trials, which are both costly and inefficient as they do not adequately evaluate how the pacemaker affects the heart.

Techcon 2014 was held in Austin, Texas, from September 7 to 9 by the Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC). SRC is the world’s leading technology research consortium that sponsors university research of the highest caliber and creates knowledge breakthroughs that will invent industries of tomorrow.

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