Cherie Kagan Elected to APS Fellowship Class of 2013

Cherie KaganCherie Kagan, Stephen J. Angello Professor in the Department of Electrical and Systems Engineering, has been elected to the 2013 Fellowship Class of the American Physical Society (APS). Kagan is honored for "innovative research in manipulating and exploring properties of inorganic and organic materials for electronic, optical, and optoelectronic devices." 

Kagan uses chemistry's chemical flexibility to tailor the physical properties of nanostructured and organic materials and their devices. She combines spatially and temporally resolved spectroscopies and electrical techniques to characterize charge and excitonic processes and leverages these insights to guide the design and integration of nanoscale and organic devices. These devices impact low-cost and flexible macro- and nanoelectronics, solar photovoltaics, and nanophotonics.

One of the largest scholarly societies and journal publishers in the field of physics, APS annually recognizes a small percentage of its membership for making lasting contributions in their subfields and specialties with this honor. A fellowship election is a distinct honor because the evaluation process, conducted by the Fellowship committees of individual divisions, topical groups and forums, is done entirely by one's professional peers.

To read more about Kagan and her research, please see her faculty profile.

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