Rahul Mangharam Receives Intel Early Career Faculty Honor Program Award

Rahul MangharamRahul Mangharam, Stephen J. Angello Term Assistant Professor in the Department of Electrical and Systems Engineering, is a recipient of the 2012 Intel Early Career Faculty Honor Program Award. In this program, Intel provides financial and networking support 20 faculty members who show great promise as academic leaders in disruptive computing technologies. The aim is to promote the careers of promising early career faculty members and to foster long-term collaborative relationships with senior technical leaders at Intel. The winners this year are from 11 U.S. and nine European universities, including UC Berkeley, MIT and Cornell.

Mangharam’s research goal is to merge computing, communications, and the physical world into integrated cyber-physical systems, enabling seamless communication with and control of objects such as smart buildings, the human body, and automobiles in the physical world. His work encompasses tiny wireless sensor networks and large-scale vehicle-to-vehicle wireless networks. Mangharam co-developed the FireFly sensor networking platform, which allows physical object to communicate over wireless links, resulting in tiny devices which can locate workers in mines, wirelessly control automation factories, and serve as flexible, wearable smart band-aids in on-body healthcare systems.

Mangharam also directs mLab, a group of electrical, bio-medical, mechanical and computer engineers and scientists who collectively work on problems related to Cyber-Physical Theory and Systems (CPS). The group focuses on domains spanning Networked CPS, Automotive CPS, Medical Devices Software & Systems and Real-Time Parallel Computing.

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