Course Description

The senior design course is a two term sequence in electrical and systems engineering design. 
During the first semester of ESE Senior Design (1.0 cu) work will focus on building a lean prototype, plan alternative strategies, and determination (experimental or by simulation) of quantities necessary for a detailed design in the following semester. 
By the end of Fall semester (ESE450), an initial prototype of the hardware or the software system will be demonstrated in a demo day in December. This demo will include drawings, circuit diagrams, budget, and time schedule for project completion in spring semester (ESE451).

During the second semester (1.0 cu), work will be directed to improvise and build on the lean version of the prototype. A final presentation and report will be made of the project. Periodic project reviews and brief presentations during the two semesters.
Read more ( Course Outcome)  about the skills, knowledge, and behavior that students are expected to have attained by the end of the sequence.
We strongly recommend that Juniors start looking for projects in the spring semester. Potential Senior Design Projects are listed here and on the same page, you will also find projects listed from last year.

Course Units

ESE Senior Design, ESE450, Fall (1.0 cu) & ESE Senior Design, ESE451, Spring (1.0 cu)
Meets in Skirkanich Auditorium on Wednesdays, 4.30p-7.30p

Assignments/Lectures (Please see Canvas site)

Please see Canvas site. We strongly encourage that you participate in Piazza page for class discussion. The Piazza page is available as a link from Canvas site ( single Pennkey login)

Instructor Team (2017-18)

Jorge Santiago <>
Sid Deliwala <>


Course Highlights from previous years

-Winners of 2016-17 ESE Senior Design Awards, Full List
-Information for Juniors [2017-18 Senior Design]
Demo Day (April 5th, 2017) Program : Schedule, Posters, Abstracts, and Preparing for Senior Demo Day, Short videos of senior design projects

Demo Day, April 7th, Posters, Demo Day (morning session) Presentations, Pictures, Judges for Demo Day, Awards presented to ESE teams on 13 April 2016 for Demo Day
Demo Day preparation handout
Presentation to Juniors 3-15-16 .pdf
Most Recent Senior Design Presentations (powerpoint / PDF files) , 3/3/16, Google Drive
Fall 2015
Posters from Fall ESE Senior Demo Day, 12/3/15, Google Drive
Final videos submissions from Fall semester,

Teaching Assistants (2017-18)


Are you looking for previous year's senior design projects or abstracts ? The web site has been moved here.

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