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ESE Senior Design

Judges for Demo Day, 22 April 2004

Phil Farnum, adjunct faculty, EE, U of Pennsylvania

*  Principal Member Engineering Staff, Lockheed Martin (Retired)
*  38 years of electronic design experience (28 in hardware, 10 in systems)
*  Specialized in design of military RF communication equipment (60 Hz-50 GHz) , Transmitters (1-5,000 watts), Receivers , Frequency synthesizers, Antennas

Ken Laker, Professor, EE, U of Pennsylvania, Graduate Chair, ( ex- IEEE President (Intl.) ),

Dan Lee, Asst. Professor, EE and Bioengineering, more

Phil Lopresti, Adjunct Professor of Electrical Engineering, was with AT&T
at its Princeton, NJ, Engineering Research Center from 1970 until 1996. While at
AT&T, he performed and directed research and development studies in computer
process control and electronics test. He retired from AT&T Bell Laboratories,
now Lucent Technologies Bell Laboratories, in 1996.
He joined the adjunct faculty at Penn in 1997 after spending a year working on
a consulting assignment in telecommunications systems test.
Before joining AT&T, he taught a wide variety of electrical engineering courses
at The Illinois Institute of Technology and at Notre Dame, Purdue, and
Northwestern Universities.

Bill Murray, he is the lead patent attorney for Duane, Morris &
Heckscher, Mr. Murray is EE'60 and GEE'68.

John Sheldahl, Engineering Manager from RCA/GE/Lockheed-Martin.
Responsible for the design of radio frequency hardware from HF to
microwave.  Designed all the UHF communication equipment (both in the
Shuttle and in the space suits) that the astronauts use when they go on
their "space walks".

Jerry Lomurno is president of Eastern Instrumentation of Philadelphia, a
leading manufacturer's  representative in the  Philadelphia  area  for  not
only electronic test equipment but also RF, Microwave and Lightwave
(including high speed digital) components.  Some of his clients are:
Watkins Johnson, K&L Microwave, Avantek, E-Tek Dynamics, Sumitomo, EEsof,
Wavetek, Anritsu, Hitachi, and Signetics.  He has extensive experience in
the fields of microwave measurements and precision equipment calibration.

Harris Romanoff, EE'99

Harris works at NeatReceipts, a Digital Business Processes company based in Philadelphia, where he heads up new product development. Digital Business Processes specializes in converting paper-based data into digital data through leading edge imaging technologies. Harris is also a board member of the Penn Engineering Alumni Society where he currently serves as CoChairman of the Alumni Society Mentoring program.

Francis Chew, BSE - '98, MSE - '99, Digital Logic Design Group, Agere Systems
He works at Storage Products division, which provides custom IC solutions to storage companies like Seagate,
Maxtor, IBM, etc. The Logic Design Group provides most of the ICs on a hard disk drive
systems (Preamplifiers, Read Channels, Motor Controllers,
Microporcessors). Francis is  involved in the read channel development which
focuses on a mixed-signal chip that does analog filtering,
equalization, A/D conversion, and DSP.

Olivia Koentjoro, BSE -'99, MSE - '99

Ms. Olivia Koentjoro is a Senior Consultant at Cap Gemini Ernst & Young LLC's Management Consulting Practice based in New York City. She has more than 3 years of experience in web development, application re-engineering and web application implementations. She has experience in leading and executing build processes as well as leading development efforts for specific modules within web development projects.
Prior to joining CGEY, Ms. Koentjoro researched and implemented wireless solutions involving IP telephony and cellular technologies at a nationwide telecommunication company.
Ms. Koentjoro earned her MSE in Telecommunications and Networking and BSE in Electrical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania

Gideon Romm (EE'98, MSEE'98)

Gideon Romm (EE'98, MSEE'98) is the founder and CTO of Symbio Technologies, a Linux company, with offices in Rockaway, New Jersey and New Rochelle, New York. Symbio Technologies is a leader in the development of Linux thin client technology and is a proud contributor to the open source community. Prior to starting Symbio Technologies, Gideon worked for Hewlett Packard, Agilent Technologies, and Philips Semiconductors as a mixed signal and high speed analog circuit design engineer in the areas of infrared, fiber optic, and radio frequency transceivers, resulting in several patent-pending designs.

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