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ESE Senior Design



(make sure you also look at the projects offered from previous year as they may be still available)

Potential Projects from 2015-16

* The projects posted from advisors outside SEAS may have some requirements such as giving up your intellectual property rights and may also need training for data compliance if you will be working with sensitive data. Full disclosure document will be posted soon.

Number Name of the Advisors Project Names
1 Jan van der Spiegel and Milin Zang

-Design of Wearable Human Gesture Recognition System. pdf
-Sensor Network for Free-Moving Non-Human Primate Behavior Training. pdf

2 Jorge Santiago

-Solar powered water purification system
for isolated communities, pdf
-Solar power tower for isolated schools
computer facility, pdf

3 Andrew Huemmler "Penn Fix it" v2 !. This proposed project is based on the thest version of 09-10 version of Penn Fix-it . Please contact Prof Huemmler at
4 Peter Scott and Richard Reinhart Projects in the areas of sustainable development and renewable energy .doc
5 Peter Scott and Richard Reinhart Phone Application to Aid Campus Pedestrian Navigation .pdf
6 *Farrah Alkhaleel (HUP) CPR Connect System: Developing a Wearable Heart Rate Monitor Device .doc
7 Paul Shaffer (this is just an idea, Paul suggests looking for a co-advisor) Haptic-input Radio-controlled Boomerang .doc
8 *Chris Murphy ( except #3), Jonathan Smith (#3). Damien Leri is the U of P Health System contact.
mHealthLabs : A new collaborative initiative between SEAS and U of P Health System. 6 possible projects. Check with Chris Murphy for guidance. .doc (UPDATED, 21 Sept, 2015)
Trainee Evaluation System .pdf
9 *Jayesh Thawani, Jared Pisapia (HUP) Neurosurgical Wearable Devices For Joint Position Sensing .doc
10 Brian Edwards Microetching Animation System .doc
11 Barry Silverman Sustainable Cities Simulation Game .doc
12 *Sam Russem Inductrial Automation Data Collector .pdf

Potential Projects from 2014-15

Number Name of the Advisors Project Names
1 Jan van der Spiegel and Milin Zang

Design of Wearable Human Gesture Recognition System
Design of Smart Rings for Hand Gesture Recognition
Design of a Wearable Sensor Network Interface to Smartphone

2 Joel Adler

Prototype for method for Risk Analyzed Program Planning (RAPP)

3 Pete Scott, Elpiniki Apostolaki-Iosifidou

Microgrid Development

4 Pete Scott, Richard Reinhart Projects in the areas of sustainable development and renewable energy
5 Richard Reinhart Smartphone Application to Coach Long-Duration Exercise
6 Barry Silverman Dysfunctional Economies
Pathway to Democracy
Game Solutions for Healthcare
7 Haim Bau An Instrument for On-Site Detection of Pathogens in Food
8 Andre' DeHon Enhanced 3D Printed Conductors

Potential Projects from 2013-14

Number Name of the Advisors Project Names
1 Pete Scott

-Projects in the areas of sustainable development and renewable energy

2 Richard Reinhart -Application to Facilitate Long-Duration Exercise
3 Ken Laker (ESE),         Haim Bau (MEAM) and Chanchun Liu -Portable Diagnostic Instrument to Detect/Measure Pathogens in Body Fluids and in Food
4 Nancy Hanrahan -2013-14 Health Technology Projects
5 Jay Zemel -Biofilms
6 Andre' Dehon and Vijay Kumar -3D Printed Conductors
-Print Integration
7 Andre' Dehon and Nadia Heninger -Fast Public Key Cryptography on FPGAs
-Side-Channel Resistant Cryptography on FPGAs
8 George Pappas and Miroslav Pajic -Smart Eyeglasses – Be your own ophthalmologist!
9 Bo Connell -Optimizing Operating Room Utilization in a Veterinary Teaching Hospital
10 Jan van der Spiegel and Milin Zang -Convert invisible to be visible – Design of a polarization based neural stimulator
11 Jan van der Spiegel -To understand our friend better – Design of a Monkey Tactile Sensory System
12 Dan Koditscheck and Omur Arslan -Hierarchical Information Routing in Dynamic Multi-Agent Systems
13 Dan Koditschek, C.J. Taylor, D. Isele -Portable Chemical Sniffer
14 Peter Scott and Andrew Huemmler -Planning Tool for Wood Chip Heating Systems
15 Peter Hahn -Predicting Labor Staffing Requirements in Cross Docking Systems
16 Matthew Reilley -System to Support Medication Adherence

Potential Projects from 2012-13

Number Name of the (possible) Advisors Project Names
1 Nancy Hanrahan

-Projects for Innovation & Technology for Healthcare


Govind Shah, Optimal Software Inc and Kenneth R. Laker, ESE

-Design, Simulate and Validate Systems and Processes to Realize Holistic Collaborative Organizations
3 Peter Scott -Projects in the areas of sustainable development and renewable energy
4 Andre' Dehon -FPGAlite
5 Jan van der Spiegel -Explore in the Brain – Wireless Neural Recording System Design
-To understand our friend – Design of a Customized Monkey Gesture Monitor
6 Walt Sobkiw, Pete Scott

-Sustainable Food Production: Farming and Transportation
-Sustainable Energy Storage

7 Andrew E. Huemmler - Pedestrian-Optimized Traffic Signals...or Perfectly-Timed Traffic Lights for People, Fix Flagpoles with Robots
8 Richard Reinhart - Application to Facilitate Long-Duration Exercise
9 Jorge Santiago -Circuit / Device to scavenge RF energy
10 Andrew E. Huemmler -Stadium Traffic

Potential Projects from 2011-12

Number Name of the (possible) Advisors Project Names
1 Andre' Dehon

-Hardware design and implementation for Lossless Floating Point Distillation or Multiprecision Summation
-Extreme Adaptation of software and/or software for environment and/or application


Andrew Huemmler

-University Heating and Cooling - Analyzing Alternative Technologies
3 Jorge Santiago -Ambient Light Energy Scavenger / Super Capacitor module
4 Peter Scott -Projects in the areas of sustainable development and renewable energy
5 Walt Sobkiw and Peter Scott -High Fidelity Consumer Audio Systems
6 Milin Zhang, Jan van der Spiegel, Nader Engheta

-Shoot your own 3D movie - Three -Dimensional Modeling using Single Imager

7 Jan van der Spiegel, Ken Laker, Saleem Kassam, S. Kagan -Monitoring and Analysis of Noise Level at HUP
8 Jan van der Spiegel, Nader Engheta, Milin Zhang -Explore in the Dark - Polarization Based Application Development for Artificial Retina
9 Jan van der Spiegel, Nader Engheta, Milin Zhang -Next Generation of Architecture Design - Sensor Network design for Intelligent Building
10 Steve McGill and Daniel Lee -Extending the DARwIn-OP Platform
11 Donald Bravo -Evaluation of Energy Efficiency Measures  and Opportunities  in the “Built” Environment
12 Jorge Santiago, Rocia Cardona-Couvertier -Mini-instron, an electro-mechanical device for the mechanical testing of fibers
13 Barry Silverman, Nancy Hanrahan -Game Solutions for Healthcare
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15 - -
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