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Ph.D. Degree Requirements

Teaching Practicum

All Ph.D. students must complete a two-semester Teaching Practicum (TP) requirement by the end of their Ph.D. career.  The TP requirement aims to prepare students for careers in academe by developing their exposure to undergraduate- and graduate-level teaching in their field.  Students engaged in a TP placement will be exposed to different areas of teaching under the guidance and supervisor of the course instructor.  Placements are by typically by faculty invitation, but students have the option to approach faculty teaching courses related to their interests.  A great effort is made to have teaching practicum placements assigned in a manner that is consistent with our students' research and teaching interests and the teaching needs of the Department.

Even though it is preferable to satisfy this requirement early in their Ph.D. career, the teaching practicum may be completed at any time during the Ph.D. program. The teaching practicum requirement must be completed by all Ph.D. students, independent of their funding support or professional interests.

All Teaching Practicum placements must be documented by the ESE Department to be counted towards this requirement.  The department monitors placements through the submission of the Teaching Practica form and throughout their enrollment in ESE 895: Teaching Practicum.

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