• ESE Permits & Waitlists

ESE Fall 2024 Registration

Add/Drop begins April 16th and will remain open throughout the summer. As a reminder, you will need to submit permit requests via Path@Penn and course specific Google Forms via Waitlisty. You will not successfully join the waitlist if you do not fill out the forms found on the Waitlisty once your Path@Penn permit requests have been submitted.

You will receive a notification if/when we reach your place on the waitlist and a spot is available for you. No further action is required from you unless we directly contact you requesting any information/action/etc. Your patience is appreciated as the department reviews requests.

Intro to Waitlisty

The Waitlisty system builds on the Permission Request (PR) functionality built into Path@Penn. Sometimes a waitlist course may have open slots, but you must wait until your PR is approved.

Being on the waitlist means that there is no guarantee that you will be able to enroll in that course. Because of this, you must have a fallback plan in the event that you cannot take the waitlisted course. For instance, you could tentatively enroll in a different class that will satisfy another degree requirement, and plan to take the waitlisted class in a future semester.

How to Submit a Path@Penn PRs

The first step is submitting a PR via Path for a waitlist course (see instructions below or official ones from SRFS). You can submit PRs just before and during Advance Registration, and we encourage you to do so.

A PR is always created for a specific course and section. If you created a PR for a recitation but actually need to get into the lecture (or the undergrad version of a cross-listed course but you want the grad version instead), you will have to create a new PR. PRs cannot be edited after the fact.

Find the course in Path and click Add to “Primary” Cart. Then, click Request permission for this course:

Type why you want to take the course in the Permission Request field; we’ll follow-up with course-specific questions later. For now, just hit Ok

…and finally, Save Changes

Path permission request part 2

Once your request is successfully submitted, a follow up via email will direct you to the Waitlisty site where you may need to a complete course-specific information Google form like explaining how you satisfy the pre-reqs, why you want to take the course, etc. You must fill out the form to join the waitlist.

Successfully Submitted PRs

A successfully submitted permit request will say “Pending” with an hourglass icon:

Timeline for Decisions

PRs are processed periodically from when Advance Registration results are announced until the end of the Add/Drop/Swap period. You could receive permission during the first few weeks of the semester.

We are unfortunately not able to notify you that you will not be receiving permission, since course enrollment fluctuates right up until the Add/Drop/Swap deadline.

Please do not email the instructor of your requested course unless instructed by ESE staff!

Approved Permission Requests

If your PR is approved, you’ll receive a notice from Path. You then have a chance to register for the course in Path.

If your PR is approved but the class is full, you cannot register.

Due to an inability to revoke approved PRs and, as a result, students sitting on approved-but-unused PRs, waitlist courses are often mildly oversubscribed. Thus, an approved PR is no guarantee that you’ll be able to register for a course. So always use an approved PR right away!

Once you’ve registered for a waitlist class, please be careful not to accidentally drop it. If you do this, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to register again!

Leaving the Waitlist

If you are no longer interested in registering for a waitlist course, you should withdraw your request. You can do so via the Waitlisty site.


How do I request a permit via Path@Penn?

To request a permit via Path@Penn, search for and select the desired course to see its course details, then click Add to Cart. Select Primary Cart and click the blue text “Request permission”.

The Permission Request box will appear for you to enter your reason for the request. 

If the course is already in your cart, but you have not requested a permit, you must remove the course from your cart and re-add it for the Request Permission link to appear. 

Please see these step-by-step instructions for additional information.

What if the course I received the permit for is closed?

Permit approval does not automatically give you a seat in a closed course. If the course is strictly ESE, please continue to check Path@Penn to see if a spot opens. You may also want to set up notifications through Penn Course Alert.

What if the course I need a permit for is outside the ESE Department?

For courses offered in other departments, please check with that department for registration and permit information. Each School and Department in SEAS controls their own courses and permit process. Only the department offering the course can approve your permit. 

When will I find out if I have received a permit?

Please check Path@Penn to see if your permit is approved.