Postdoctoral Fellows

Welcome to The Electrical and Systems Engineering department.

Penn Engineering offers a diverse range of research opportunities for postdoctoral fellows in a highly energized and collaborative environment.

For International Postdocs with questions concerning immigration, please contact Immigration and Employment Compliance Manager Katherine Fogle:

For Postdocs with general onboarding questions, please contact ESE PhD Coordinator Nicole Contosta:


Current Postdoctoral Fellows

Joshua Agterberg
Postdoc for Professors Rene Vidal and Yuxin Chen
Joshua Agterberg's pageProfessor Rene Vidal's websiteProfessor Chen's website
Antonio Alex Amor
Postdoc for Professor Nader Engheta
Alex Amor Antonio's pageProfessor Engheta's website
Wei-Hsi Chen
Postdoc for Professors Daniel E. Koditschek and Cynthia Sung
Wei-Hsi Chen's pageKod*Lab
Hyunmin Cho
Postdoc for Professors Troy Olsson and Deep Jariwala
Hyunmin Cho's pageProfessor Olsson's websiteProfessor Jariwala's website
Nicolo Del Fabbro
Postdoc for Professor George Pappas
Nicolo Del Fabbro's pageProfessor Pappas' website
Yang Deng
Postdoc for Professor Troy Olsson
Yang Deng's pageProfessor Olsson's website
Siyoung Lee
Postdoc for Professor Marc Miskin
Siyoung Lee's pageProfessor Miskin's website
Neal MacFarlane
Postdoc for Professor Firooz Aflatouni
Neal MacFarlane's pageProfessor Aflatouni's website
Benjamin McInroe
Postdoc for Kod*Lab
Benjamin McInroe's pageKod*Lab
Hancheng Min
Postdoc for Professor Rene Vidal
Hancheng Min's pageProfessor Vidal's website
Seongwoo Oh
Postdoc for Professor Anthony Sigillito's lab
Seongwoo Oh's pageProfessor Sigillito's website
Alejandro Mayorga Parada
Postdoc for Professor Alejandro Riberio's lab
Mayorga Parada's pageProfessor Ribeiro's website
Grigorii Ptitcyn
Postdoc for Professor Nader Engheta
Grigorii Ptitcyn's pageProfessor Engheta's website
Mahfujur Rahaman
Postdoc for Professor Deep Jariwala
Mahfujur Rahaman's pageProfessor Jariwala's website
Pouria Sanjari
Postdoc for Professor Firooz Aflatouni
Pouria Sanjari's pageProfessor Aflatouni's website
Seunguk Song
Postdoc for Professor Deep Jariwala
Seunguk Song's pageProfessor Jariwala's website
Robert Spivey
Postdoc for Professor Anthony Sigillito
Robert Spivey's pageProfessor Sigillito's website