ESE Faculty Committees and Leadership

Academic Year 2023-2024

ESE ABET Committee

The ABET chair oversees all ABET related efforts for the department. This standing committee will assess and evaluate core academic programs in compliance with the guidelines of the Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology (ABET). 


Chair: Firooz Aflatouni

Members: Andre DeHon, Santosh Venkatesh

Ex-Officio: George Pappas, Sue Ann Allen

Staff Support: Shoshana Fox, Danielle Kopicko, Tara Pandya

ESE Undergraduate Group Chair

The undergraduate group chair oversees all curricula committees and continually reviews the efficacy of our academic programs. The chair oversees each major and its evolution, including its curriculum, program outcomes, program objectives and assessment, coordinates courses across curricula and addresses course issues.


Chair: Firooz Aflatouni

Staff Support: Shoshana Fox


ESE Curriculum Committees

All of our undergraduate programs have undergraduate committees that review the curriculum, suggest changes, enrich the program with new courses, etc. All such committees meet monthly under the supervision of the undergraduate group chair and the program curriculum chair. Some programs (CMPE) have committees with faculty from both ESE and CIS. The curricula committees bring major issues and all curriculum changes to the full ESE faculty for discussion and final approval.


Artificial Intelligence (ARIN):

George Pappas (Chair)

Zack Ives

Chris Callison Burch

Jacob Gardner

Hamed Hassani

Nikolai Matni

Alejandro Ribeiro

Eric Wong


Systems Science Engineering (SSE):

Firooz Aflatouni (Undergraduate Chair)

Alejandro Ribeiro (Program Chair, SSE)

Santosh Venkatesh


Electrical Engineering (EE):

Firooz Aflatouni (Undergraduate Chair, Program Chair, EE)

Mark Allen


Computer Engineering (CEPC):

Firooz Aflatouni (Undergraduate Chair)

Andre DeHon (Program Chair, CEPC)

Joseph Devietti

Laura Fox

Benjamin C. Lee

Insup Lee

Jing Li

Boon Thau Loo

Camillo Taylor


Staff Support: Shoshana Fox

ESE DEI Committee

Chair: Lee Bassett

Committee: Tania Khanna, Daniel Koditschek, Shoshana Fox

Staff Support: Liana Shallenberg

Students: Maya Lassiter, Kendall Queen, Jacob Brown, Christiana Malone

ESE Graduate Group Chair and MSE Directors

The graduate curriculum chair has primary responsibility for overseeing the PhD program and coordinates efforts with additional faculty directors, who oversee master’s programs. Curriculum and student issues are discussed with additional faculty or with full faculty participation as needed. New courses, for example, bring together an ad hoc committee of relevant faculty for discussion and development, which are then reviewed, edited and approved by the full faculty.


Chair: Troy Olsson

MSE Directors: Tania Khanna, Rakesh Vorha 

Staff Support: Nicole Contosta (PhD), Liana Shallenberg (MSE)

ESE Faculty Search Committees

The faculty hiring review committee is divided into the three research themes. Along with the diversity search advisor, committee members review all applicants and discuss top candidates with the department chair.

ESE Faculty Awards

The faculty awards committee reviews faculty performance and makes recommendations on available awards and other recognitions. The committee supports the nomination process by alerting faculty to opportunities and soliciting letters of recommendation.


Chair: Jan Van der Spiegel

Members: Nader Engheta, Manfred Morari, George Pappas

Staff Support: Danielle T. Kopicko

ESE PhD Admissions

Three junior faculty, one from each research area, lead the PhD admissions review committee. This committee reviews all applications carefully and makes recommendations, highlighting the strongest candidates, allowing each faculty member to speed up their selection process. The committee will also support the annual PhD open house.


Members: Anthony Sigillito, Lei Gu, Antonio Loquerci

Staff Support: Nicole Contosta

ESE Colloquium Committee

The colloquium committee is composed of junior faculty who select, invite and host the ESE Colloquium, which brings in researchers from other universities as well as industry. In the spring semester, the Colloquium is mostly used for faculty recruiting.


Members: Lei Gu

Staff Support: Erin Dowling

Departmental faculty serve on a number of Penn Engineering committees. For more information, please click here.

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