• ESE PhD Milestones

ESE PhD Milestone Documentation

Please review the following five ESE Doctoral Degree Requirements (milestones) and complete the relevant Penn Graduate Form as you complete each milestone on your way to your PhD.

For ESE PhD students who have completed one or more milestones, please complete your Penn Graduate Form(s) by November 1, 2021.

Penn Graduate Forms Instructions

  1. Click on Penn Graduate Forms (BP Logix workspace)
  2. Click on Available Forms
  3. Click on Penn Graduate Forms
  4. Click on Student
  5. Enter the first few characters of your last name
  6. Click on your full name once it appears
  7. Select Milestone
  8. Complete relevant form as per Year 1, 2, 3, 4+, 5+: Qualification Evaluation, Teaching Requirement, Committee Formation, Candidacy Examination, Defense of Proposal, Dissertation Defense

Year 1-Year 2

Milestone: Pass two qualifier exams in courses outlined for your research concentration.

Penn Graduate Form: Qualification Evaluation*

*Please use the date that is listed under “Comments” on your PIT transcript. 

Year 2-Year 3

Milestone: Complete 2 semesters of Teaching Practicum.

Penn Graduate Form: Teaching Requirement*

*When entering “Term” please use the semester classification as follows:

A = Spring, B = Summer, C = Fall

For example, ESE 530 2017C

Year 3

Milestone: Form your thesis proposal committee.

Penn Graduate Form: Committee Formation*

*Not required if you defended your proposal before August 2021.

Year 4+

Milestone: Defend your thesis proposal.

Penn Graduate Forms: Candidacy Examination & Defense of Proposal*

*Both forms are required for this same milestone. 

Year 5+

Milestone: Defend your thesis.

Penn Graduate Forms: Dissertation Defense