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All Penn students, as members of the community, are responsible for adhering to the principles and spirit of the University's Code of Academic Integrity. The Department also provides this link to the IEEE Code of Ethics.


ESE PhD Graduate Handbook (TBA)

ESE MSE Graduate Handbook (TBA)

Penn Engineering Graduate Student Handbook


Penn Engineering Graduate Student Forms (all school-level forms)

PhD: Course Planning Guide (CPG)

Master's: EE Course Planning Guide (CPG)

Master's: SE Course Planning Guide (CPG)

TCOM Course Planning Guide (CPG)

Curricular Practical Craning (CPT) Information

ESE Faculty Sign-Off Form

Independent Study Approval Form (ESE 599/TCOM 599/ESE 899)

Petition to Waive a Required Course

Thesis Approval Form (ESE 597/TCOM 597/ESE 999)

Wharton Non-MBA Student Course Registration Form