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SE Master's Degree Requirements

The M.S.E. Program is designed for highly-qualified students who will become leaders in the increasingly complex field of systems engineering. Entering students generally have baccalaureate degrees in the engineering, mathematical, physical or economic sciences. Students with degrees in other fields who have expertise in quantitative and computer analyses also enter the program.  Those interested in applying for the M.S.E. in Systems Engineering program should visit the ESE graduate admissions page.

Course Requirements

Students must complete 10 course units as outlined in the M.S.E. in Systems Engineering Course Planning Guide (CPG):

The Department provides a page detailing how to access course information here. For the most up-to-date course offerings, please visit the University Registrar site.

Please note, all program students must obtain a minimum of a 2.7 GPA in order to graduate with their M.S.E. degree.

Program Duration

Full-time master's students can complete their degree between one to two years.  If students take four courses in both the fall and spring semesters and take two summer courses, they may be able to finish their degree in one calendar year.  Students may also opt to take three courses for two terms and four courses for one term to graduate in 1.5 years or to take three courses per term and one course in their final term to graduate in two years. 

Please note: in compliance with federal immigration regulations, international students are not eligible to be registered for less than three courses per term unless eligible for a reduced courseload status (see the International Student and Scholar Services website for details).

Master's Thesis Option

A Master's Thesis (ESE 597) is optional but recommended for students wishing to pursue doctoral studies.  Students are encouraged to take two course units of thesis research in order to maximize the opportunity to engage in research.  Please see here for guidelines on thesis preparation.