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  Penn Researchers Join Two NSF Projects on Medical Cyber-physical Systems
Vijay Kumar, UPS Foundation Professor, and Rahul Mangharam, associate professor in the Department of Electrical and Systems Engineering, are participating in large-scale National Science Foundation projects on cyber-physical systems with medical applications.
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  Daniel Lee Appointed UPS Foundation Professor in Transportation
Provost Vincent Price has appointed Daniel Lee as the UPS Foundation Professor in Transportation, effective July 1, 2015. The UPS Foundation Chair in Transportation, one of three UPS Foundation Chairs at Penn, is focused on transportation management as enabled by technology.
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  Nader Engheta Receives 2015 IEEE AP Society Distinguished Achievement Award
Nader Engheta, H. Nedwill Ramsey Professor of Electrical and Systems Engineering, is the recipient of the 2015 IEEE Antennas and Propagation (AP) Society Distinguished Achievement Award for "seminal contributions in the theory, application, and demonstration of metamaterials, plasmonic optics, and chiral and omega media."
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  Using Math to Engineer Social Systems
Rakesh Vohra, George A. Weiss and Lydia Bravo Weiss University Professor in the Departments of Electrical and Systems Engineering (ESE) in Penn Engineering and Economics at Wharton, is on a mission to use his strong background in mathematics to address important societal issues.

xLAB Designs Next-generation Immersive Experiences


With processing power and internet connectivity increasing, people don’t just learn how to use the latest in technology—that technology actually learns right back. Watch it!

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Penn Engineering's Designers and Creators

Penn Engineering undergraduates are expanding the boundaries of their knowledge and pushing technological limits while working on computer control systems that are used in cars, rockets, and robotics with ESE prof Rahul Mangharam. Watch it!

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PennHacks and Computer Engineering at Penn


Brainchild of students from the Computer Engineering program known as "the Architechs," PennHacks is where students engage in coding, soldering, wiring, sensing, actuating and creating. Watch it!

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