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Staci Kaplan
Undergraduate Program Coordinator
Office: Room 203 Moore


Undergraduate Degree Information

EE Sample Curriculum: Entered Fall 2010 through Fall 2011

Freshman Year: Fall   Spring
MATH 104
PHYS 150 or PHYS 170
CSE 110
SSH Elective

MATH 114
PHYS 151 or PHYS 171
Professional Elective (e.g., EAS 10X or ESE 170/171)1
SSH Elective

Sophomore Year: Fall   Spring

MATH 240
ESE 215/205
Free Elective
CHEM 101/053or BIOL 101 or
BIOL 121

  ESE 210
ESE 216/206
Professional Elective1 (e.g, ESE 116)
ESE Elective(Circuits & Architecture)2
SSH Elective (Ethics)
Junior Year: Fall   Spring

ESE 301
ESE Elective (RF, Photonics)2
ESE Elective
Professional Elective1
SSH Elective


Math Elective
ESE Elective (Signals/Comm/Cont)2
ESE Specialization Elective
Professional Elective1
SSH Elective

Senior Year: Fall   Spring
ESE 450
ESE Elective
ESE Specialization Elective
MATH or NS Elective
Free Elective

ESE 451
Professional Elective1
Free Elective
Two SSH Electives

1 Professional Electives may be Engineering, Natural Science or Mathematics courses.

2 See the Course Planning Guide for a list of available courses.