Departmental Minors

Degree minors may be obtained in each of the majors offered by the Department of Electrical and Systems Engineering.

Electrical Engineering Minor

  • ESE 215 (Electrical Circuits & Systems)
  • ESE 218 (Electronic, Photonic, and Electromechanical Devices)
  • ESE 224 (Signal & Info Processing)
  • ESE 150 or Intermediate or Advanced ESE course
  • Two courses from Advanced Course Section of most recent EE CPG

Systems Engineering Minor

A minor in Systems Engineering consists of the following six courses:

  • ESE 204 (Decision Models)
  • ESE 210 (Modeling of Dynamic Systems)
  • ESE 224 (Signal & Info Processing)
  • ESE 303 (Analysis & Simulation of Stochastic Systems)
  • One Information Systems Elective from most recent SSE CPG
  • A second Information Systems Elective or one Systems Design Elective from most recent SSE CPG