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Staci Kaplan
Undergraduate Program Coordinator
Office: Room 203 Moore


Undergraduate Degree Information

EE Sample Curriculum: Entered Fall 2012 through Fall 2013

Freshman Year: Fall   Spring

Calculus I (MATH 104)
Mechanics with Lab (PHYS 150)
Programming in Java (CIS 110)
Freshman writing seminar (SSH)
SSH Elecctive


Calculus II (MATH 114)
Electromagnetics w/Lab (PHYS 151)
EE Area Elective (e.g., ESE 170/171 or ESE 250)
SSH Elective

Sophomore Year: Fall   Spring

Calculus III (MATH 240)
General Chem or Gen Biol with Labs (CHEM 101/53 or BIOL 1010
Electrical Systems & Circuits (ESE 215/205)
Ethics (SSH Elective)


Math Elective (e.g., MATH 312 or 360)
Electrical Systems & Circs. II (ESE 216/206)
Professional Elective (E/M/NS)
SSH Elective

Junior Year: Fall   Spring

Engineering Prob. (ESE 301)
Intro to Dyn. Systems (ESE 210)
Two EE Area Electives (ESE)
SSH Elective


Math or NS Elective (M/NS)
EE Area Elective (ESE)
EE Specialization Elective (ESE)
SSH Elective
Free Elective

Senior Year: Fall   Spring

ESE Sr Desg. Proj I (ESE 450)
EE Specialization Elective (ESE)
Professional Elective (E)
Professional Elective (E/M/NS)
Free Elective


ESE Sr. Desg Proj II (ESE 451)
Professional Elective (E)
Two Professional Electives (E/M/NS)
Free Elective